Shareholder & Partnership Agreements

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Going into business with someone else can be a great adventure. But it’s important that you have solicitors who can put the right documents in place from the beginning. Otherwise you could end up in a mess very quickly.

Having the right shareholder or partnership agreement in place ensures that you all have the same expectations. And if you do go your separate ways at later date, you can minimise the potential for a dispute.

If you are starting a limited company, you should have a specific private agreement between the shareholders. The shareholder agreement will set out how you will run the company and what powers each of you will have.

Similarly, at the outset of a partnership, you should have a partnership agreement for the same reasons.

We will draft the shareholder agreement or partnership agreement for you. We’ll meet with you to listen to your intentions and then ensure that the right paperwork is drawn up.

Which means that you can know peace of mind, knowing that your business is on the right footing.

As a member of the Law Society’s ‘Lawyers for Your Business’ panel, our solicitors regularly advise both limited companies and partnerships.

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