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Need advice on an employee settlement agreement?

Has your employer offered you a settlement agreement to end your employment?

No matter how good the offer looks, you should talk to us first in order to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

We’ll look at your salary, employment duration, reason for the settlement and whether you might have an employment tribunal claim that’s worth pursuing as an alternative option – in order to work out how much you should be getting.

Then we’ll advise on whether you can negotiate a better settlement package and whether payments are being made in the most tax efficient way.

We provide a free consultation as standard – so you’ve nothing to lose.

As specialist settlement agreement lawyers, you can rely on us to listen closely to your requirements and work discreetly in your best interests.

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What is a settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts that are used to end an employment arrangement on terms agreed by both parties. They’re usually proposed by an employer but can be instigated by an employee and once they’re signed, the employee can’t make an employment tribunal claim for any matter listed on the agreement.

How much should I get in a settlement agreement?

This depends, but after we talk to you we can make a calculation about how much money you should expect based on criteria like:

  • Your age.
  • Duration of employment.
  • Notice period.
  • Number of employees in the organisation.
  • Whether there are any disciplinary proceedings.
  • Whether you’re on sick leave.
  • Whether you think you’ve been discriminated against.
  • Whether you’ve submitted a grievance.
  • Your annual salary.

Can I claim benefits after a settlement agreement?

Although leaving employment voluntarily affects your ability to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), HMRC and the Benefits Office don’t categorise a settlement agreement as a voluntary occurrence therefore you can usually still claim JSA.

Need To Remove A CCJ?

Have you found out that a County Court Judgement (CCJ) has been registered against you?

Don’t panic – but please contact us ASAP because a CCJ can affect your future in the following ways:

  • You could be refused credit or only offered it at a higher rate.
  • You might not be able to rent a home or other type of property.
  • You might lose your job.

How do I get rid of a CCJ?

There are three ways you can remove a CCJ from your credit record:

  • Pay the balance within one month of receipt.
  • Wait for it to be automatically removed after six years.
  • Apply to have it set aside by the court (if it has been registered in error, for example if it’s been sent to the wrong address).

As expert solicitors specialising in CCJ removals, we can often have your CCJ set aside swiftly and efficiently with the consent of the claimant – provided you act fast !

What is s CCJ?

You receive a County Court Judgement (CCJ) if someone takes court action against you claiming you owe them money and you don’t respond.

Once you get the judgement, the court has decided you owe the money – it arrives via post and explains how much you owe, how to pay (whether in instalments or in full), the deadline, and who to pay.

How bad is a CCJ?

A CCJ can have a serious impact on your future.

For instance, you might be refused permission to secure a mortgage or rent a property, your credit score could suffer and it could affect your livelihood.

However, as solicitors who specialise in CCJ removal, we can put your mind at ease and, wherever possible, help you resolve the situation before serious repercussions occur.

What happens if I ignore a CCJ?

Having a CCJ isn’t a criminal offence but you absolutely shouldn’t ignore it.

If you do, the claimant could take enforcement action against you. This may include taking some of your property away or they might apply to have money deducted from your wages. Interest and the cost of trying to recoup the debt can also be added, meaning the original amount rises significantly.

Why Choose Mason Bullock Solicitors?

The law covers many diverse areas but when you need help on a specific topic, it’s best to instruct a law firm that focuses on what you need.

We have a wealth of experiencing advising employees on their settlement agreements and removing CCJ’s.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you to achieve excellent outcomes. Our service is fast and professional and our solicitors are friendly and approachable – we listen to your needs, translate legalese into plain English and clarify what you need to do at every stage of the process.

Last but not least, we’re convenient – you can expect the same high standard of service and advice over the phone or via email that you would in person, getting excellent support and peace of mind in a home environment where you feel completely comfortable.

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