How to Choose an Employment Solicitor in Northampton

Choosing an Employment Solicitor in NorthamptonSo, you’re based in Northampton and you need some employment law advice? How do you choose the right solicitor to give you the help you need?

Here are a few tips to make sure you make the right decision.

1. Ask for a Recommendation

It’s always reassuring when a friend or business colleague recommends someone they’ve used.

A recent study found that recommendations influenced purchasing decisions more than any other factor, including expensive advertising campaigns.

Although some of these recommendations were from social media sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, the majority came from good old fashioned face to face conversations!

So, why not ask a friend or a business contact who they use for their employment law advice?

2. Google it!

Have you noticed how small Yellow Pages is these days? That’s because people rarely use it. Most people who are looking for legal services will turn first to the internet.

A law firm’s website will give details of the services they offer and may even provide e-books for you to download. Be specific in your search query – what do you specifically need advice about? Rather than simply searching for solicitors in Northampton, why not narrow your search down, eg:

  • unfair dismissal solicitors in Northampton
  • employment law advice on a settlement agreement in Northampton

Google also likes questions these days, so why not ask something like

  • Can I dismiss someone for being off sick? Northampton employment solicitor

Being specific means you can be sure you’ll find someone with the specific expertise you need.

If there’s an employment law blog, do a search to see if you can find some answers to your questions.

Have a look at the testimonials or reviews on Google Plus or Yelp. What are people saying about them online?

3. Do you really need an employment solicitor in Northampton?

Many law firms are able to provide their services to clients all around the UK.

Due to opportunities presented by the internet, it’s no longer necessary to meet your solicitor face to face, which means that you may want to consider solicitors in other parts of the country, particularly if they specialise in a very specific type of law.

For example, at Mason Bullock Solicitors we have a particular niche in the area of settlement agreements, so we attract clients from all around the UK and even from other countries,¬†including Russia, America and Australia (provided that their employment contracts are governed by English law – we don’t claim to be experts in these other jurisdictions!)

What service do you need? Could you consider solicitors further afield than your own locality. The world’s not that small anymore.

4. Gut instinct

People do business with people they like.

Phone round a few employment solicitors. Perhaps meet up to discuss your situation. You’ll soon get a feel for whether you like them or not.

This is of course very subjective but you want to to make sure that your employment solicitor is someone you can work with.

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