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Why Brexit Won’t Change Much for Employers

Nobody knows for sure what the full implications of Britain’s decision to leave the EU will be. However, for you as an employer, it’s likely that not much will change. Why won’t much change? Although there was a lot of talk about the red tape and regulations that emanated from Brussels, the reality is that most […]

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How to Have a Protected Conversation

An employment relationship can sometimes go sour. It may be in the best interests of both parties to bring the employment to an end by way of a settlement agreement. Often, the best way to start that process is by having a protected conversation. What is a protected conversation? The law allows an employer and […]

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Can Employers Spy on Employees’ Emails?

You may have read in the press recently that employers have been given the right to read employees’ emails and other electronic communications. The Daily Mail’s front page headline reads: Bosses were yesterday given the right to spy on staff emails It went on to explain that a ‘landmark ruling’ from the European Court of […]

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