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How to Raise a Grievance with Your Employer

Are you feeling unhappy in your job? This article explains why raising a grievance may be your best option. Why raise a grievance? There are a number of benefits of raising a grievance with your employer. The grievance procedure may resolve the issue The primary purpose of a grievance procedure is to resolve problems in […]

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Agreeing a Settlement Agreement to End Your Employment

If you’re unhappy in your current role, you may be feeling like it’s time to leave. It may be that the best approach is to enter into a settlement agreement. Your employment will continues unless your employer dismisses you or you decide to resign. A settlement agreement is usually better than both of these options. […]

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CCJ Sent to Wrong Address? Here’s What You Must Do

If you’ve just discovered a CCJ that you knew nothing about, the most likely explanation is that all the court papers were sent to a previous address. When moving house, there’s so much to think about and it’s easy to forget to update everyone with your new contact details. However, this could have disastrous consequences […]

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