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12 Steps an Employer Should Take in a Redundancy Procedure

If your employer is considering redundancies, they must follow a fair procedure. If your employer gets the procedure wrong, you could claim compensation for unfair dismissal. Alternatively, you may be able to agree a settlement agreement with your employer as a way to avoid a tribunal claim. Here are the 12 steps your employer should […]

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9 Steps to Negotiating a Better Settlement Agreement

If your employer has offered you a settlement agreement, you may be wondering if it’s open for negotiation. Often an employer will offer an employee a sum of money, expecting them to come back and make a counter-offer. In this article, I provide a few tips on how to maximise your chances of getting the […]

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How to Raise a Grievance with Your Employer

Are you feeling unhappy in your job? This article explains why raising a grievance may be your best option. Why raise a grievance? There are a number of benefits of raising a grievance with your employer. The grievance procedure may resolve the issue The primary purpose of a grievance procedure is to resolve problems in […]

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