The National Minimum Wage – Our Employment Solicitors Explain What You Need to Know

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) goes up on the 1st October – a chance for our employment solicitors to get in touch with a brief summary.

By way of background, the NMW was introduced in April 1999. At the time, the NMW was only £3.60 per hour for employees over the age of 21 and £3.00 for those aged 18-21.

At the time, 1.9 million people were earning less than that.

The Low Pay Commission was set up by the government to review the NMW annually. In response to their findings, the government adjusts the NMW on the 1st October each year.

So, from today, the National Minimum Wage is:

1. Standard Adult Rate (for workers aged 21 and over): £6.50

2. Development Rate (for workers aged 18 to 20): £5.13

3. Young Workers Rate (workers above the compulsory school leaving age but under 18): £3.79

4. Apprenticeship rate (apprentices under 19 years of age or those aged 19 and over but in the first year of their apprenticeship): £2.73

If you need advice on the National Minimum Wage, please contact an employment solicitor for advice.

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