Set Aside Judgment

CCJ Sent to Wrong Address? Here’s What You Must Do

If you’ve just discovered a CCJ that you knew nothing about, the most likely explanation is that all the court papers were sent to a previous address. When moving house, there’s so much to think about and it’s easy to forget to update everyone with your new contact details. However, this could have disastrous consequences […]

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How do I Get Rid of a CCJ from my Credit File?

If you’ve discovered a CCJ (County Court Judgment) on your credit file, this could have dire consequences for many areas of your life. Organisations see it as a sign that you’re not responsible with money. As a result: Lenders may be unwilling to offer you a mortgage at a decent rate You may not be […]

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Need Help to Set Aside a CCJ?

If you need advice on setting aside a CCJ, we’ll be delighted to help you. Please fill in the form at the end of this page and we will assess your case. Please don’t telephone us for the initial consultation – we’ll be happy to contact you after you’ve completed the form. The court has the power to […]

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